Killarney is an amazing location in Vancouver. People love it as you can get to the highway fast and metrotown is close. Not only that, many great options to shop and dining are located in Killarney as well. Killarney secondary is a great school with a lot of athletic amenities. Killarney community centre is also a community centre that has a lot of amenities to the public who want to stay healthy and fit. There is also a track where you can do running and get healthy exercise. Looking to buy townhouses or duplexes in Vancouver? Contact us to see how we can help you. With top realtors assisting you in Vancouver, you are likely to be
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Knight is a great place for commuting as Knight St leads you to the highway, so you can travel to the United States, or Surrey with convenience and efficiently. This location is ideal for people traveling to other cities. Not only is it a great neighbourhood for commuters, but it is a central location in Vancouver. Getting to downtown, or anywhere in Vancouver is fast and easy. I, personally take Knight St to get to Surrey fast. Looking for townhouses in Vancouver? Knight has a great range of townhomes and duplexes in Vancouver that will be a great buy! We will be with you every step of the way! Contact for more
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Main street is a great place to live in! With so many great restaurants and cafes near you, why would you need to live anywhere else. The people are friendly and loving, and the convenience is A +! Looking for townhouse in Vancouver, or looking for duplex in Vancouver? This is the place to be! Schools like David Livingstone Elementary ( The school I graduated elementary from) and Tupper Secondary are within this district. Buses are very easy to catch, so if you do not drive, do not sweat it! Contact us to see how we can help you buy Vancouver duplexes or real estate for sale in this amazing
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Mount Pleasant

One of the most desirable places to live in Vancouver! Mount Pleasant is a great area to be in. With real estate for sale in this area, you can get Vancouver duplexes at a good price and for the lifestyle, it is well worth it! Mount Pleasant has many shops, restaurants, and things to do. Outstanding biking trails, great parks, great location! Short driving distance to downtown, Vancouver. Transit friendly and such a convenience location that you rarely need to leave the neighbourhood. Very famous for cafes and restaurants that you can find on Main Street. Contact us to see how we can help you sell your house or buy in this great
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Renfrew Heights

Renfrew heights is a huge community on the eastern boundary of Vancouver that is shared with Burnaby. This is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in Vancouver that is strongly business connected. Great place to live for someone who wants to travel to Burnaby regularly and still be in Van. Also, a great place for one who is growing their business as this area's population is growing fast. This neighbourhood is also transit friendly, for one who takes the skytrain to travel or bus to reach their destination. Looking for Vancouver duplexes? Contact us now at to see how we can help
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South Vancouver

South Vancouver is a great place to live! Easy to commute to cities like Richmond, Burnaby, or getting on the highway to travel to United States. Also, being in Vancouver, you have the perks of having everything near you. I grew up in this neighbourhood. Schools like Moberly elementary are within this district and it has one of the strongest Sikh temple organizations located here as well. A strong sense of community lives here. To get your groceries, you can travel to Superstore. This is such a commutable neighbourhood that it is very easy to travel to other neighbourhoods like River District to hang out and try great places to eat such as Romers. Contact me for real estate for sale as we will always advise you to the best
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Victoria is one of the older neighbourhoods in Vancouver that was populated in early 1900s. However, despite being so old, it does not have many heritage buildings. A lot of great schools are located in Victoria, such as Sir James Douglas Elementary and Sir David Thompson Secondary.   I personally, enjoy hanging out near Victoria Dr and 41st area, where I will have Happy Sushi and have Starbucks across the street after dinner. If you are looking to buy in this fantastic neighbourhood, let me know as we will advise you every step of the way to make sure you are in good hands. Looking to selling house in Vancouver? Contact us to get great marketing to help you sell with top realtors in Vancouver. We love to help whenever we
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