About Harvey

About Harvey

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I always had a passion for real estate. As a young boy, I idolized my father’s passion in the real estate market. My father would enthusiastically observe the market for as long as I can remember. That passion drew me in. His habits made me realize  I want in. I owe my sucess to my father. I am ontop of the market. I evaluate the market trend and advise my clients on my professional opinion. I truly take my client’s interests before mine. My clients hire me because they do not believe anyone can do the job better than me and for that I owe them my full obligation. Contact me now for: Real Estate For Sale In Vancouver, Townhouse For Sale In Vancouver, Homes For Sale In Vancouver, Houses For Sale In Burnaby , Houses For Sale In Kitsilano.  

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I am always never too busy for my clients.Thank you

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